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More than Words

Written Translation

Translation Management .Simplified

The key to every successful document translation lies in the skill and expertise of our translators and the rigor of our translation process. A Project manager guarantees each document is translated, edited and proofread to ensure accuracy, consistency and quality in the final product).

Localization ensures that all cultural differences and variations are accounted for and that your intended message is clearly communicated.

All of our translators are either native speakers or experts of the target language and are accredited by industry organizations such as the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) and the American Translators Association (ATA).

Getting Started .Its Simple

Submit your project to us to begin the discussion of project expectations, budget and time frame.

We can work with a host of projects including:

. business

(manuals and handbooks, HR forms, training, safety, job descriptions, surveys, presentations,)

. Marketing & Advertising

(web sites, brochures, newsletters, packaging, manuals, signage)

. Product, Technical and Operating Manuals

. Legal & Financial documents

(depositions, transcripts, immigration, marriage/divorce, annual reports, etc.)

. Medical documents


Our document translation rates vary by language and are priced by the word. There is a minimum fee of $85.00 for all translation services. Additional formatting fees are charged by the hour and will be included in a requested quote.

For web site localization; please contact us with your domain name (URL) so we can work directly with you or your webmaster/developer to find the perfect solution.

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